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Shanghai HESON Instrument Technology Co., LTD was founded in 2006 with a registered capital of 600W RMB. It is a supplier of testing machines, environmental instruments and thermal analyzers. The company integrates R&D, production, sales and service, providing materials testing, structural testing and finished product testing as a supplier of material testing and laboratory integrated solutions.
Company Independent Brand
Company Size
It has two R&D and production bases in Shanghai, located in the test machine production workshop and environmental instrument production workshop in Jiading, Shanghai. Company design and development staff, engaged in technology development. Since the establishment of the company, in order to better meet the needs of the market and the majority of users.
In 2006, Shanghai Heyi Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. was established.
In 2007, the test machine workshop was put into operation.
In 2007, the thermal analyzer was put into research and development.
In 2008, the environmental testing machine workshop was put into operation.
2009 tensile machine exports
2010 hydraulic test machine exit
2011 Shandong Jinan test machine production base put into use
Passed the registration of the trademark of the National Trademark Office in 2012
2014 EU CE certification passed
Established a new import and export company in 2015 to expand overseas business
Relocation of new site in 2017 due to expansion and development of the company's business
In 2017, our company passed the ISO 9001 international quality system certification.
Company Services
Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the philosophy of “Thinking for Customers” and the philosophy of “Strive for Perfection and Pursuit of Excellence”. It has successfully provided high quality and low cost laboratory solutions and testing services for many customers.
Company's Product
Testing Machine
Mainly provide full range of electronic universal tensile machine, hydraulic universal testing machine, electro-hydraulic servo testing machine, pressure testing machine, ring stiffness testing machine, spring testing machine, horizontal tensile testing machine, impact testing machine, fully automatic cement for medium and high-end applications. Anti-folding and compression testing machine, three-point bending testing machine, high-temperature universal testing machine, high and low temperature tensile testing machine, high temperature creep testing machine, etc., suitable for experiments to find the relationship between material force and deformation, can be metal, non-metal The raw materials, processed parts and finished products are subjected to many mechanical experiments and analysis such as stretching, bending, peeling, compression, indentation, adhesion and tearing.
Environmental Instrument
It mainly produces high and low temperature alternating test chambers, constant temperature and humidity test chambers, salt spray test chambers, walk-in constant temperature and humidity test chambers, drying oven series, (step-in) drug stability test chambers, ultraviolet light weatherproof test chambers, Rapid temperature change test chamber, thermal shock test chamber, thermal vacuum test chamber, etc. are used for heat resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance and moisture resistance of various materials. Suitable for the quality of electronic, electrical, communications, instrumentation, vehicles, plastic products, metals, food, chemicals, building materials, medical, aerospace and other products.
Thermal analyzer instrument 
Differential scanning calorimeter DSC, thermal conductivity measuring instrument, oxidation induction period analyzer, thermogravimetric analyzer TGA, synchronous thermal analyzer STA, carbon black content tester