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Why does 304 stainless steel rust in constant temperature and humidity test chamber

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2019/11/15 16:56
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In general, stainless steel will not rust. But if the use or maintenance of improper, or the environment of stainless steel is too bad, stainless steel may appear rust phenomenon. When we see yellow or orange rust on the surface of steel, we can quickly identify it as a sign of rust.

High and low temperature test chamber

Stainless steel surface has a thin and solid oxide film, commonly known as the protective film. This film can effectively prevent the entry of oxygen atoms, is the surface of stainless steel continues to oxidation, thus has the ability to resist rust corrosion. However, due to some man-made or environmental reasons destroyed this film, so that the surface of stainless steel and air or liquid oxygen reaction, the surface of stainless steel will be constantly corroded.
Can damage the environment of stainless steel protective film:
1. In a polluted environment
2. In too humid an environment
3, acid, alkali, salt, noodle soup, sputum and other substances attached to the surface of stainless steel.
1, do the humidity test with pure water.
2. The equipment shall not be used in the same laboratory as the salt spray corrosion test chamber.
3. After each use of the testing machine, wipe the inner box dry with a dry cloth.