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Huizhou College eight thermal analyzer installation and commissioning completed

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2023/10/24 11:37
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Recently, the installation and commissioning of four differential scanning calorimeters and four thermogravimetric analyzers purchased by Huizhou College has been successfully completed, which marks another major breakthrough in scientific research facilities and teaching equipment of the College.



As a comprehensive university, Huizhou University has been committed to improving the quality of teaching and scientific research. In order to better meet the research needs of teachers and students in materials science, chemistry, physics and other fields, the school decided to introduce eight thermal analyzers. Thermal analyzer is a kind of instrument widely used in material science, chemistry, physics and other fields, which can study the thermal properties of samples in detail.




Under the active promotion of the leadership of the college, the Equipment Department worked closely with relevant professional technicians to complete the installation and commissioning of eight thermal analyzers. First, the Equipment Department is responsible for the procurement and transportation of equipment, ensuring the safe arrival of equipment to the College. Subsequently, the technicians carried out accurate installation and commissioning of the equipment according to the specifications and requirements of the equipment. During this process, technicians conducted several tests on the equipment to ensure the stability and accuracy of the equipment.


After debugging, the eight thermal analyzers showed excellent performance, which provided strong support for the teaching and scientific research work of the college. Teachers and students can use these equipment to conduct in-depth research on materials, chemical substances, physical phenomena, etc., which further improves the scientific research strength of the college in related fields.


The installation and commissioning of eight thermal analyzers has not only provided a strong guarantee for the scientific research and teaching of Huizhou College, but also further reflected the college's emphasis on scientific research facilities and teaching equipment. This initiative will help improve the research ability and teaching quality of the faculty and students of the College, and promote the college to achieve more results in the field of scientific research. At the same time, it also laid a solid foundation for the future development of Huizhou College.