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How does the differential scanning calorimeter work?

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2023/10/25 16:42
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Differential scanning calorimeter is a commonly used thermal analysis instrument, which analyzes the physical and chemical properties of a substance by measuring the heat absorbed by it during heating. This instrument is widely used in material science, chemistry, medicine and other fields, and is of great significance for studying the basic physical and chemical properties of substances such as molecular structure and reaction mechanism.


The working principle of differential scanning calorimeter is based on the thermodynamic theory. During the heating process, the heat absorbed by the substance will cause the temperature to rise, which will cause changes in the physical and chemical properties of the substance. By measuring these changes, information about the properties of the substance can be obtained. The thermal detection technology used by differential scanning calorimeter is more accurate and extensive than thermocouple and thermal diffusion technology, and can better characterize the thermal properties of substances.

Differential scanning calorimeter is mainly composed of three parts: heating system, detection system and data processing system. Heating systems usually use electric heating elements or lasers as heating sources to control the temperature environment measured. The detection system is responsible for measuring the heat absorbed by a substance, generally using measurement technologies such as thermocouples or thermal radiation. The data processing system is responsible for calculating, analyzing and storing the measured results to help researchers better understand the properties of substances and reaction processes.


Differential scanning calorimeter has been widely used in various fields. In the field of materials science, it is used to study properties such as thermal stability and phase transition of materials. In the field of chemistry, it can be used to study the mechanism and dynamics of chemical reactions. In the field of medicine, differential scanning calorimeter can be used to study the interaction of drug molecules and the thermal properties of biological macromolecules.


In short, differential scanning calorimeter, as an important thermal analysis instrument, plays an important role in materials science, chemistry, medicine and other fields. Understanding its working principle and structure is helpful to better grasp and use the instrument and provide more valuable information for scientific research.