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Thermogravimetric analyzer: a powerful instrument for studying the thermal properties of substances

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2023/12/11 11:41
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Thermogravimetric analyzer is a kind of analytical instrument widely used in materials science, chemistry, biology and physics. It uses heating or cooling to study the thermal properties of the sample, as well as the physical and chemical changes with temperature. This has important implications for areas such as materials research and development, quality control, energy science and environmental science.


Shanghai Heson HS-TGA-101 thermogravimetric analyzer

The core component of the thermogravimetric analyzer is a sophisticated weighing system that can accurately measure the mass change of the sample. The system is placed in a heated or cooled environment for precise temperature control of the sample. During the experiment, the mass change of the sample is continuously monitored and recorded as a function of temperature. This measurement method can capture a variety of physical and chemical changes in the sample during heating or cooling, such as sublimation, vaporization, oxidation, reduction, etc.


Thermogravimetry has a wide range of applications. In materials science, for example, it can be used to study the thermal stability of materials, thermal decomposition behavior, and sintering processes. In the field of chemistry, thermogravimetry can be used to study the kinetic parameters, reaction heat and reaction rate of chemical reactions. In biology, the thermogravimetric analyzer can be used to study the thermal stability of biomolecules, the denaturation of proteins, etc.


In addition, thermogravimetry also plays an important role in energy science and environmental science. For example, it can be used to study the performance of solar cell materials, the efficiency of fuel cells and the thermal decomposition behavior of toxic and harmful substances in the environment.


In short, the thermogravimetric analyzer is a very important analytical instrument that can provide valuable information in the fields of materials, chemistry, biology and energy. With the continuous development of science and technology, it is believed that the application prospect of thermogravimetric analyzer will be broader.