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Wire and cable carbon black content tester

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The carbon black content tester is suitable for the determination of carbon black content in polyethylene, polypropylene and polybutene plastics. The test of carbon black is obtained by gravimetric analysis of the sample after decomposition under nitrogen protection at high temperature. The instrument has the advantages of convenient use, simple operation, accurate measurement, high precision and high degree of automation. 


Standards: ISO 6964, GB/T 13021, IEC 60811-4-1, GB/T 2951.41, JTG E50 T1165, etc.

GB/T2951.41-2008 "General test method for insulation and sheathing materials of cables and optical cables"

GB/T3515-2005 "Rubber carbon content determination pyrolysis method"

GB/T13021-1991 "Measuring instrument for carbon black content of polyethylene pipe and pipe fittings (thermogravimetric method)"

YDT 837.3-1996 "Copper core polyolefin insulated aluminum-plastic composite sheathed local communication cable test method Part 3 Mechanical and physical properties test method"

GBT 13663.2-2018 Polyethylene (PE) piping systems for water supply - Part 2: Pipes

Why test for carbon black?

The performance of plastic products is related to the amount of carbon black, carbon black has the ability to prevent ultraviolet light, the purpose of adding carbon black to plastic is to resist aging and color, and the detection of carbon black content is actually to detect the product quality of plastic parts.

Instrument features:

★ Beautiful structure, simple operation;

★ The structure of the furnace door is open, which is convenient to place the sample and determine the position of the sample;

★ High degree of automation, just set the temperature value and heating time, the instrument will automatically heat up to the set value;

★ High temperature control precision, large temperature range, high furnace temperature uniformity;

★ 7-inch LCD touch screen display, can be started by one-click operation

★ Can set the constant temperature time, the constant temperature accuracy is high;

★ The instrument can be set 30 groups of different heating time periods, can have different heating temperature, heating rate, constant temperature time;

★ The parameter display is comprehensive, showing the number of set groups, theoretical temperature, actual temperature, heating time (or constant temperature time);

★ The set parameters and temperature rise or constant temperature time can be viewed during the operation of the instrument;


Model number HS-TH-3500
Display mode 7 inch LCD touch screen display
Furnace tube size Inner diameter 40×750mm
Heating element Resistance wire
Heating rate 1-30℃/min
Length of heating zone 200mm
Length of constant temperature zone 200mm
Operating temperature ≤1100℃
Temperature control mode Programmable temperature control
Door structure open-type
Working power supply 220V 16A
Power 3KW
Dimensions 540*300*460【 Width * Depth * height 】


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Wire and cable carbon black content tester