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Requirements for charpy pendulum impact test samples for metallic materials

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2018/12/19 00:00
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Charpy pendulum impact testing machine is used to test the impact resistance of metal materials under dynamic load, so as to judge the quality status of materials under dynamic load, in line with GB/ t3808-2002 "pendulum impact testing machine test". According to GB/ t229-2007 "charpy pendulum impact test method for metallic materials", the impact test is carried out for metallic materials.


The relative position of the specimen and the bearing and anvil of the pendulum impact testing machine
General requirements for samples
The length of the impact sample of standard size is 55mm, the cross section is 10mmX10mm square section, and there is a v-shaped or u-shaped gap in the middle of the length of the sample. If the sample is not large enough to prepare the standard size, a small sample with a width of 7.5mm, 5mm or 2.5mm can be selected.
V-shaped notch specimen gap should be 45 ° Angle, the depth of 2 mm, the bottom of the curvature radius of 0.25 mm.
The depth of u-shaped notched specimen is 2mm or 5mm, and the radius of bottom curvature is 1mm.


Impact test specimen


Sample size requirement