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The difference between semi-enclosed and fully enclosed refrigeration compressors

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2019/11/08 15:01
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Refrigeration compressor according to the structure can be divided into semi-closed and fully closed refrigeration compressor two categories.
1. Fully enclosed refrigeration compressor
The refrigerating compressor and the motor are mounted in a shell that has been fused or brazed to death and share a single spindle, which eliminates the shaft sealing device and greatly reduces the size and weight of the entire compressor. Exposed to the outside of the machine shell only welding suction exhaust pipe, process pipe and other (such as spray pipe) necessary pipelines, input power terminal and compressor support.
Due to the electric refrigeration compressor unit is placed in a sealed casing can't open it, is not easy to open the internal repairing, and therefore requires the use of this type of compressor high reliability, long life, on the system of refrigeration installation requirement is high also, this product is fully closed structure form is commonly used in mass production volume of the refrigeration compressor xiao leng.
2. Semi-enclosed refrigeration compressor
Semi-closed refrigeration compressor adopts the overall structure form of cylinder body and crank box, and its motor shell is often an extension part of the crank box of the cylinder body, in order to reduce the connection surface and ensure the concentricity between the motor of compressor stage. In larger models, divisible for casting and processing convenience, joined by flanges at the joints. The crank box and the motor room are connected by holes to facilitate the return of lubricating oil. The main shaft of the semi-closed refrigerating compressor is the structure form of crank shaft or eccentric shaft. Built-in motors are cooled by either air or water or by breathing in low-temperature working medium steam. But for the small power range of semi-closed compressor, its lubrication often adopts centrifugal oil supply.
This lubrication mode is simple in structure, but when the compressor power increases and oil supply is insufficient, it is changed to pressure lubrication mode.
A, can adapt to A wide range of pressure and cooling capacity requirements
B. high thermal efficiency, low unit power consumption, especially the existence of the air valve makes deviation from the design operating conditions more obvious;
C. Low material requirements, common steel materials, easy processing and low cost;
D. Relatively mature in technology and accumulated rich experience in production and use;
E. the device system is relatively simple.