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Dear customers: Thank you very much for visiting our website, our company tensile testing machine, tensile machine, high and low temperature test chamber, constant temperature and humidity test chamber, differential scanning calorimeter, thermogravimetric analyzer, thermal conductivity tester, carbon black content tester, thermal vacuum test chamber and other material physical performance testing equipment sales, development and manufacturing. If you need help, please contact us in the following ways and leave your valuable suggestions. Our development cannot be separated from your support and care. We sincerely wish you good health and a successful career!


Shanghai HESON Instrument Technology Co., LTD


Shanghai Address: 10F Cao 'an International, No. 1855 Cao 'an Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

Factory address: No. 181 Lihong Road, Jiading Industrial Zone, Shanghai

Zip Code: 200333

Website: http://www.hesheng17.com

Email: hesheng17@heshengcn.com

Tel: 021-62263673

Fax: 021-69510569

Complaint: 13621715042


Sales department

Contact: Jiang Heyi
Contact number: 13621715042 (same as wechat) &13472610913  
Email address: jiangheyi@heshengcn.com


Sales division II

Contact: Ms. Qian
Contact number: 13918154651 (same as wechat)
Email address: qianfang@heshengcn.com

Sales three

Contact: Ms. Xiang
Contact number: 13918154637 (same as wechat)